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Visitor Analytics Infographic _HOw to write SEO friendly content

Featured Article

2 minutes reading time

Infographic : How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Learn how to write content in order to increase your presence on search engine pages and drive traffic to your website. Before you start writing there is a set of questions you need to...

Click heat map overview example

Using website heatmap tools to improve UX & conversions

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Beginners guide blog post in Visitor Analytics

The Beginner’s Guide to Visitor Analytics

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First Context and Steps of Data Driven Decision Making

In the current context of high standards for data privacy, how do we still manage to perform data driven decision making? When is data personal? What are the possibilities to aggregate and anonymize this data? Any website owner with a desire to grow…

Why The Pareto Principle and Analytics Are Crucial to Growing Your Website

The Pareto Principle in analytics can be interpreted to say that 20% of your pages bring you 80% of your traffic and that 20% of your traffic brings 80% of your revenue. Learn how to focus on the 20% that matters.

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