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Quick and easy ways to promote your affiliate links for free

March 14, 2019

14. March 2019



Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting a product or service in order to get a reward for it. So one way to think about it would be Newton’s third law of motion — “every action has an opposite or equal reaction.” Or the equivalent of “You get what you p̶a̶y̶ promote for” when it comes to your affiliate links.
Being an affiliate can be really rewarding as you can make money every day if you place your affiliate links at the right place, in the right moment, for the right people. But how do you do it efficiently?

Here is a simple guide on how to promote affiliate links

  1. Share the affiliate link on your social media accounts as a post 
    Post your link on your social media account along with a nice caption about the product/service: why would you recommend it and how will your community/followers benefit from it. Be careful not to spam by posting it too many times!
  2. Share the link in various social media groups 
    If you decide to go rogue on social media, you should first identify where you can relate the product with the group’s agenda and if it is allowed to post this kind of links. And then check for topics that are already opened on the groups. You may find people looking for exactly the type of solution you are promoting, so you could answer them directly!
  3. Create a tutorial or presentation about the product!
    People are visual and need to know why you recommend a product before they’d buy it. So telling them your story and how the product helped you might convince them more easily.

Presentation is key

Ok, lots of shares, but how go you wrap-up your affiliate links in nicely-designed-stories worth clicking?
No matter if you are a writer, designer or social media person, you will need to know what your followers’ interests are and the benefits of product you are promoting. Here is how you can visually share your story:

  • Create a video or tutorial about the product and its perks. Upload it on Youtube and share the link in bio on your Insta or via your social channels.
  • Design a short presentation on why do you use the service, how is it working and what you can do with it! Upload it on Slideshare and add the link in the description.
  • Write an article around the product and post it on your best performing channels (blog, Facebook notes, Linkedin articles, guest posts, etc) and hyperlink your affiliate link.
  • Create a nice product image and post it on your Insta feed or story with a link in bio.
  • If you are more into explaining things, just make a comparison between the product that you promote and the others just like it, that you have used in the past. If you try explaining what you liked (or didn't like) about each product and how is this one different, people might actually see the benefits. 
  • Real-life comments or recommendations when the topic pops-up! If someone is looking for a solution while you are out for a break or to grab a coffee, you can definitely tell them about the one that you also have an affiliate program. This will give you the opportunity to pitch it and let them know that you can send them a direct link to the solution to check it out.

Final thoughts on how to promote affiliate links

No matter the channels you pick, please keep in mind that you should always try to offer your affiliate link as a helping-hand!
When you promote affiliate links you have to solve some problems, to showcase why you like the product, how is it going to help and what is the benefit of using it.
Hence, before dropping any affiliate link all over media, make sure that you fully understand the product and your target audience!  By following these rules, you will see some nice results and your affiliate links will start generating revenue in no time!
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