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Great piece of analytics software!

I love how easy it is to access information quickly on the main page. It's very well laid out for the user and the design is simple, but modern. I love being able to see my top referrers without clicking around, it helps me keep track of the performance of ads I may be running to direct traffic to my site. I also being able to see the returning visitors - once one of them contacts you, so you can go see which pages they checked out and have a better idea of how educated they are about the services you offer.

Amber N.
User on WiX

Amazing and easy layout of what is going on

WOW WOW WOW, I am using both Google analytics and Visitor Analytics, but because the Visitor analytics is so amazingly integrated with our wix website it is the one I use most often and rely on what it tells me about our users. I like the app and the way it works.

Anelja N.
User on WiX

Simple but Powerful

I love the product. It's easy to use, it does the job, and it's design is beautiful. Also, the customer service is on point! The interface is extremely user-friendly and welcoming - The MAP!! LOVE THE MAP!! It allows you to see what tower someone's IP is pinging off of, giving you a fairly accurate idea of the location of the visitor - No bugs! This thing just works.

Justin H.
User on WiX

It's a must have

Just knowing that people are visiting your website and seeing that they are looking at pages on it is an encouragement to keep on going, and not give up. When I first started out, I probably would have quit, but knowing that people were interested and looking kept me going. I'm so glad that in installed this app. Give it a try!

David B.
User on Standalone

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