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List of Visitor Recordings

See the list of all your visitors' session recordings and all their activity and details.
  • Visited Time
  • Entry & Exit Pages
  • Number of Visited Pages
  • Operating System
  • Full Video of Their Actions
  • Referrer
  • Session Duration
  • Browser
  • Device

These recordings may be of paramount importance when you are looking for usability issues in your website. You will now better understand where and why drop-offs happen, where do users get stuck on the page and what you can do to improve their experience. 

Filter Hundreds of Recordings in Seconds

If you are looking for a specific set of users whose activity recordings you would like to see, several filters are available to help you, based on your purpose.

For example, if users of one particular web browser are experiencing problems with your website or have had unusually short sessions on the page, you can filter to see only the recordings associated with this type of user. This way, you can see if there is a usability issue for them. You can see all the available filters in the corresponding support page.

Watch & Analyze Full Videos of Your Visitors Sessions

Try the many useful tools at hand to reproduce bugs that were reported to you, set markings and notes for yourself within the session recording or share it with your colleagues!

There is so much to discover and it will greatly help you to better understand how your userbase is interacting with your website!

Setup Your Visitor Recordings as You Like

If you should feel that you don't need to record everything that happens on your website, you can set it up to only record what you're interested in.

Whether you want to only record visits to certain pages of your website or all pages, or you only want to record visitor sessions with click and scroll activitiy or with a minimum duration of X seconds, all these settings are available to you and can be updated at any point in time!

Resource Hub

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