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Ascend by Wix - Features and pricing plans

April 08, 2020

8 min read

What is Ascend By Wix

Ascend by Wix is an all-in-one business solution for Wix website owners encompassing over 20 tools in areas like email marketing, branding, SEO, chat, site membership and more. The tools’ mission is to empower users with the ability to automate business processes and grow their sales without writing any code. 

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive Wix Ascend review by going through some of the most important features and the available pricing options.

Wix Ascend plans and pricing

Ascend is not included in your Wix website subscription, therefore in order to use the premium features, you will need to upgrade Ascend separately.

The good news though is that you can do a lot with the free features of Ascend without needing to pay extra. Also, you can use Ascend even without having a premium Wix website. 

In order to remove the Ascend branding on user-facing features like Wix Chat, you’ll need to upgrade Ascend.

Wix offers 3 Ascend plans:

  • Ascend Basic, with a cost of €10/month

  • Ascend Professional, with a cost of €24/month

  • Ascend Unlimited, with a cost of €24/month

You can read more about Ascends’ premium plans here.

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Wix Ascend Features

Ascend provides the following functionality: 

  • Inbox: Manage and respond to all your emails and chats from a single tool  

  • Chat: Connect and talk with potential customers using live website chat. 

  • Forms: Create custom forms, surveys and more for your website

  • Contact List: Wix CRM that can help you keep track of your leads and customers. 

  • Members: Add a login user section to your website.

  • Price Quotes: Create price quotes that you can send to your customers.

  • Invoices: Create invoices for your customers and get paid through Wix. 

  • Tasks & Reminders: Create tasks and Reminders for yourself and your team.

  • Automations: Set up triggers and responses that enable you to create connections between Wix Apps. 

  • SEO Wiz: A set of tools to rank your Wix website on search engines.

  • Social Posts: Social media promotion tool.

  • Email Marketing: Create and send email campaigns to your customers.

  • Video Maker: Create promotional videos with just a few clicks!

  • Coupons: Create and share discounts to drive more sales.

A good way to measure the marketing performance of your Ascend tools is with Visitor Analytics. Although not part of Ascend, Visitor Analytics provides website owners with incredible website statistics and visitor behavior. For example, you can watch real videos of what visitors are doing on your website.

Besides the Wix apps and features formally included in Ascend, there is a multitude of Wix Apps that can communicate within the Ascend scope. 

4 Best Wix Ascend Apps

Wix Invoices


Wix Invoices is a tool inside your dashboard that works like a payment request system that allows business owners to create, send, track, and manage invoices, enabling you to easily get paid by your customers. 

Key Features:

  • Customize invoice templates

  • Create invoices and send them by email to your customers

  • Track the statuses of all your invoices in one overview

  • Create Revenue and Tax reports

  • View your invoices in the Wix Mobile App

Ascend Automations:

  • A trigger can be set for the status of an invoice (overdue, paid, sent) with a response to get notified by email, send an email to a customer, create a task or move card in a workflow. Read more about possible automations with Wix invoices.


  • It can be used for free, however, to use more functionality and remove Ascend branding it requires an upgrade to an Ascend premium plan.

Where to find Wix Invoices:

  • Wix Invoices can be found in the dashboard of any of your websites under Financial Tools / Invoices.

Price Quotes


As soon as you establish a price for a product or service with your customer, you can use Price Quotes to send your offer. After receiving the quote in an email, the client has the possibility to accept, print or save it. If the customer has questions about the offer, he/she can open a discussion with you on Wix Chat.

Key Features:

  • Create Price Quote and send it manually to your customers via email

  • Overview of all your sent Price Quotes with their statuses

  • Send Price Quote directly via Wix Chat


Ascend Automations:

  • A trigger can be set for the status of a Price Quote (expires, accepted, sent) with a response to get notified by email, send an email to a customer, create a task or move card in a workflow and even connect to Zapier. More about possible automations with Wix Quotes here.


  • The tool Wix Price Quotes can be used for free.

Where to find Wix Price Quotes:

  • Wix Price Quotes can be found in the dashboard of any of your websites under Financial Tools / Price Quotes.

Tasks & Reminders


Organize and prioritize your work with Tasks & Reminders. Create tasks for your team and set due dates for them and receive notifications when the tasks are due. 

Key Features:

  • Create tasks with due dates and receive notifications when they are due

  • Assign tasks to team members

  • Mark the tasks as done when they are complete

​​​​​​​Ascend Automations:


  • It can be used for free

Where to find Tasks & Reminders:

  • Tasks & Reminders can be found in the dashboard of any of your websites under Customer Management / Tasks & Reminders.

Video Maker


Wix Video Maker enables the creation of professional videos that can be used to showcase services or promotions. There is a rich template gallery to choose from and you can get videos out on social media with just a few clicks!

Key Features:

  • Customize displayed texts in key segments of the videos

  • Select video templates

  • Add royalty-free music

  • Choose the design used in the video to match your website look & feel

  • Add your business info at the end of the website for an extra professional vibe


  • You can use it for Free, but to get more extra videos, an Upgrade to Ascend is needed.

Where to find Tasks & Reminders:

  • Video Maker can be found in the dashboard of any of your websites under Marketing Tools / Video Maker.

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